Monday, September 14, 2009

So here is the deal...

Like I said I'm GONNA RUN (yes run, eeek) a 5k with Jennifer our resident fitness and motivational expert (did you know she is the Style Editor for a Maryland news paper? WOW huh!). SO to keep me and my big old butt on track I'm gonna make a few PUBLIC statements here.

First, I got some emails telling me that running wasn't possible for a few of you. I believe ANYTHING is possible. Like having a fourth child when you KNEW there was just no way.


The thing is you don't have to run a 5k if that isn't your thing. Frankly it's not my THING either. But here is my reasoning... I want to be healthy, I want to challenge myself, I want to eat a Twinkie (oops got side tracked there), I want to do something for those in need.

I'll go even further here and tell you that as of this Saturday morning at 8:12 a.m. I was the 38 year old, exhausted, 202 pound, mom of four kids. To see all that written out for the world (or at least the 12 of YOU) to read is a hard thing. MUCH harder that running a 5k!

I've been doing good with Smart For Life, they have a great support system. I have also fallen off the waggon a few times. For me that means a big fat bacon cheeseburger with fries and a glass or 3 of wine. Stress does that to me and well I do that to me too. But, I'm back at it again and after just two days of being "good" I feel good and that is so where I want to be.

Anywho here is my new plot to take over the world, um I mean to keep me on track for my 5k with Jennifer.

I'm adding a progress window to this blog. It will track my daily efforts to run/walk/jog so that when I get out there with Jennifer she can't run a 10k in the time it takes me to do 3k! But that is just words and figures right? I need MORE than that to motivate me and that's where YOU come in.

Daily I'll post my numbers: time, distance, calories. Every day that I get on that road or treadmill I'll put a dollar in my charity jar. Every day I miss I won't put the money in and that will be like taking something away from someone in need, I'll feel guilty, get depressed, beat myself up and then GET OFF MY BUTT and get back at it.

So how do YOU fit in there? I'd like each of you to pick a charitable cause. It can be anything. I'm big on Breast Cancer issues, well cuz I dig "the girls" and because I lost my Aunt Paula to it. Kids in need or ill, cats, dogs, horses, education, food pantries, military families, wounded soldiers are all charities I give to as well. I know some of us help out bloggy families in need like McMamma (Stellan's Mom) and Phoenix's Fight. Here is what you do, email me the charity you'd like the money in my jar to go to. Make the subject "Smart Girl for Life 5k Charity Challenge".

December 1st I'll get my resident randomizers (aka the offspring) to pick one of them and send a check in YOUR name for the full amount in the jar. It's a win/win thing right. I get my butt moving, get healthier, maybe loose a pound or 50 AND we all get to help out someone in need.

Do a mitzvah here, pass this post on, tweet it, FB it, hire a sky writer... just help get the word out. The more people who participate the more pressure I feel to keep my butt in gear, the more money for charity!

That's the deal... you in?


  1. Well, now there is some commitment! You are so gonna do this aren't you? Inspire the rest of us to get up and get healthy. [SIGH] Dangit! Don't answer that question, it was rhetorical. Fine, fine, fine...(kicking and screaming). I will try too. Can't promise that I will ever, and I MEAN EVER try to run a 5K, would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork(sorry for stealing the line). Thanks a lot for the inspiration! [pouting]

  2. I will support you, CNOW!! We are big supporters of Breast Cancer causes too, also St.Jude's Hospital.