Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who stole the cookie?

I DID! And I also got that darn song stuck in my head. ARGH! About 30 days ago I contacted the Smart For Life cookie gang. I'd helped secure their brand as a sponsor for SITScation 2009, are you going? I am! I thought, "Hey I could be your walking billboard!". What a better way to prove that their products work than to see the results right? In all honesty I thought they'd just say "Thanks but no thanks". After all they were already going to be giving away product at the event.

I was frankly a little shocked and TOTALLY stoked when they said "Lets give it a try for a month". Well it's almost a month later now and I'm down almost 20 pounds! WOWZERS! It's amazing.

See I gained 86 pounds with my first child 15 years ago. I was on bed rest, had toxemia and seizures. Since then I've been the poster girl for the Yoyo effect. I've dropped 60 pounds and more between kids (I've got four) but always seemed to gain most if not MORE than that back. I'm active, not a marathon runner, but I hit the gym a few days a week and last year I finished all 36.3 miles of the Avon Breast Cancer walk in DC. Genetically though I'm pretty much screwed. In our family the chicks are all boobs and butt with lots of tummy tossed in for good measure. Smart for Life has had an amazing impact in just under 30 days.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not here to say the program is a that all illusive "magic pill" (or cookie as it were). It's been rough. I've had a few bumps. Mostly the no bread and cheese thing. I could LIVE on bread and cheese. Then again I'd puff up like a tick in a blood bank! What I've learned is that I've got to work. Yup, WORK! And that ain't easy. Some days I feel like all I do is work. From kids to cleaning, bills to baseball, cats to useless reptiles my life is all about the work. So eating was sort of my reward.

I'm a trained cook, not chef, didn't want to do the WORK for that title! Cooking is both my creative outlet and my stress release. The problem is the end result isn't a beautiful mural hanging in the MOMA, it's bumpy cellulite hanging from my hiney!

I'm also not here to sell Smart For Life. Unless they want to pay me. In that case, have your people call my people we'll do lunch.. or coffee. Lunch would sort of defeat the purpose here, no?

See over at my "regular" blog Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom I mentioned a few times how much I was loosing with Smart For Life. A number of my readers emailed me to ask for more info. SOOO, in my usual take-on-more-than-I-should way I decided to start blogging about the journey.

My hope is to get great input on eating healthy and living well. With Smart For Life I get to eat a BIG dinner (or lunch if I want to fit it in there). So there are tons of ways to do that. Mostly it's fish, chicken, sea food, LOTS of veggies and lean meats. I need to learn how to do those with no added fats.. I'd bathe in Extra Virgin Olive Oil if I could! So I'll need some help.

Maybe if we support each other we can all find a great balance and be Smart Girls (and boys too). Thanks for stopping by and come back often!