Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a BIG bump in the road

You know that old cliche "if you fall off the horse get back on".. we'll I've FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP! Live has tossed me a few dozen curve balls, I've hit all the bumps, bit into the pits, found all the pot holes .. you pick the cliche.. I'VE GOT IT COVERED! I allowed myself to veer off my road to fitness but I'm back up on that pony again and watch out Sea Biscuit HERE I COME.. and I'm not waiting until January 1st either.. SO PUT THAT in your pipe and smoke it, unless you're trying to kick that habit too, in that case chomp on THAT nicotine gum buddy!

I've also been true to my word and donated to our local women and children shelter for the days I didn't exercise. Somehow though that didn't feel like the "punishment" I'd intended it to be. A YOUNG woman, who couldn't be any older than 19, told the lady in front of me that she and her 9 month old had been sleeping in a public restroom at the same park my kids play baseball at. Sometimes it's not about what we can do for us it's about what we can do for each other.

I hope you all (all 4 of you that read this blog) have a wonderful, blessed, stress free and happy holiday season. I'll be back with you soon, yapping about how to keep on keeping on that road to health and fitness.


  1. Yo Nugget Momma! We are doing a get fit/lose weight/I will be healthy damnit competition come Jan. 2nd. Me and Dual Mom are sponsoring. Cheesecake(Tamara) made a button and urrything! I will send you the link when it goes up!

    Merry Christmas!